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“So you’re a foodie, why don’t you suggest me a good restaurant in Verona?”

Digital, smartphones, apps and web surfing tools have changed our travel experiences, that’s for sure. But nothing compared to who has our same taste, that’s another story. These kind of pearls are rare and precious.

Preliminary statement: the word “alternative” is over-abused nowadays. Alternative music, alternative thought, the guy with alternative clothes and even alternative finance. So maybe alternative doesn’t replace anything, but it’s integrated, a plus not excluding traditional methods.

First of all, Alternative Guide is a story told by people. There’s the intellectual touching the nose-bridge with the glasses on while reviewing cultural events of the city, the sporty type who test himself with hard challenges watching the world from the top of a mountain, the socialite running with stilettos through shops and restaurants looking for “the right place”, the storyteller talking about city life from his point of view with anecdotes and curiosities, and finally the traveller who…well, the word itself tells you.

Whether you prefer paper or digital, taking advices or lovers of DIY travels, you can’t deny that Alternative Guide is a great fellow traveller. We leave for Verona now, after Bari and Venice. A travel to discover unforgettable hotels, gastronomic specialities, local traditions, courses, museums and all of the best advices recommended by locals and our wandering authors… Let Alternative Guide brings you to Verona!