Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward.
Leonardo Da Vinci

Photo credits by Sara Hobbs | Escapism | chromogenic print | 48" x 60"
  • John Travolta by Konstantin von Wedelstaedt / wikimedia commons


    When we think about a pilot, we don’t think about an everyday person. A pilot has specific knowledge, he’s in perfect shape, and has more responsibilities than most professionals. Without of course belittling doctors, nurses, engineers and architects, judges and lawyers, volunteers, soldiers, teachers…There’s a magical halo around pilots: a pilot can literally fly. It’s […]

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  • AirDolomiti_Christmas


    Whether we like it or not, Christmas is coming. Now’s the time to buy presents and fly home for the Christmas Eve dinner for those whose work or life choices force them to live far away from their families. Parents, girlfriends, uncles, cousins, friends…Too many relatives and parcels, too short a time and just hand […]

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  • Motori_AirDolomiti_blog


    You’re taxing on the runway and you hear a sound coming from outside, the airplane slows down, stops and that soft sound becomes a rumble filling up the cockpit, while the shadow takes off in few seconds: the best music for any aviation lover. The airplane is one of the most complex and clever manmade […]

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    There are many reasons why flight attendants wear uniforms. The first reason is a psychological one: there’s evidence that people have more confidence in uniformed professionals. Passengers rely on flight attendants and pilots on an aeroplane no less than they do doctors and nurses in hospital or judges in court. The second reason is a […]

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    Safety is the most important thing when it comes to aviation. Some people may wonder why aeroplanes are equipped with two engines and two radios, but our geekiest readers know that some aeroplanes also have two (sometimes even three) FCS, which stands for Flight Control System, all the flight control instruments and systems. Let’s take […]

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