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Air Dolomiti, together with the Lufthansa Group, has always been committed to making its flights and departure/destination airports accessible to everybody.

Families, groups and passengers with reduced mobility or disabilities can use dedicated channels and services to ensure they have the best possible travel experience.

Some people cannot fly on medical advice or due to specific diagnosed conditions. Others, meanwhile, don’t have the opportunity to fly with our company. We’ve been wondering how to reach them, how to involve them in what we do, how to bring some ‘turquoise’ into their free time.

Which brings us to today’s column dedicated to anyone who cannot fly. It may not be a seat on one of our Embraers, but it does offer a list of initiatives covering the values of our airline and of the people who are part of it.

Air Dolomiti for those who can’t fly

    1. Our BLOG. We started writing about aviation right here on our blog in 2018, from a whole host of perspectives. We’ve satisfied the curiosities of AvGeeks, talked about the lives of flight pioneers, reviewed books, films, songs and theatre shows on the theme of flight. Today, our blog is available in three languages (Italian, German and English) and offers a window into the world of aeroplanes and airports, the cities that represent us and everything we like. We hope you like it too.
    2. Alternative Guide. Our destinations (Munich, Verona, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Bari) can be reached by car or by train too. We’d love anyone who can’t fly with us to still be able to use the Alternative Guide, Air Dolomiti’s guide for exclusive, far-from-cliché tourism. The themes – lifestyle, sport, culture, local recommendations and tips for getting out of the city – are there for all to enjoy.
    3. SPAZIO ITALIA. Our bimonthly magazine, Spazio Italia, is available for free on ISSUU to explore destinations, traditions, society, and customs of some of the most beautiful cities in Italy and Germany.

Air Dolomiti is about more than just passenger transport.
Those who can’t fly with us can get to know our company through the services, initiatives and activities we deliver with passion to entertain all users, not just passengers.

Welcome everyone

whether you’re on board or otherwise!