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Children bring joy and enthusiasm on board our planes, whiling away the time by gazing out at the clouds in amazement. The least we can do is give them our attention and some tips for how to travel with peace of mind.

Our youngest passengers are our favourites! Their eyes full of wonder and noses stuck to the windows remind us how much magic there is in our work and how many of the little details are, in fact, precious treasures.

Helping children to feel at ease on board and supporting parents/caregivers – both in flight and on the ground – is a top priority, as well as being great fun!

Air Dolomiti gadgets for little passengers (3-12 years)

The most precious gift we can give a child is our attention.
The second most precious gift we can give a child is caring for the planet we’ll leave them.

This is why Air Dolomiti, together with Alisea – a company that produces environmentally sustainable items – has designed and created some gadgets to give children pleasant memories of their flight, together with the promise of a greener future.

If you’re travelling with a child aged between 3 and 12, remember to ask for these things on board:

  1. Our exclusive RECYCLED PAPER PLANE, printed with food colouring and protected with water-based coatings. Keep their imagination flying even after you arrive at your destination.
  2. The very turquoise BANDAIR made of R-PET. A super cool, sustainable and useful gadget to protect little ones from sudden temperature changes.

Children on board. Essential: active involvement.

Some parents worry about the thought of travelling with children. All you need is a little bit of a strategy to make the flight both fun and an opportunity for growth and development.

For example, involving children in trip planning and packing can give them a sense of enthusiasm and responsibility, making them more collaborative. Putting together their very own mini hand luggage with their favourite soft toy, a book and toiletries, can transform their mini bag into a precious resource!

During the flight, it’s a good idea to encourage children to take short active breaks. Stretching arms and legs repeatedly, as if it were a game, can help prevent irritability and maintain a positive attitude.

Finally, we advise parents/caregivers to make sure that children are wearing comfortable clothing on board – preferably with multiple layers – and our BandAir, so they can find the right balance between comfort and temperature.
Who knows… they may even manage to take a nap!

If you’re planning to travel with a child, read our recommendations and...

fly with peace of mind!