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“Aisle or window?”

You’ve been asked this question every time you’ve checked in online or at the counter in the airport.

You probably answered right away without pondering the significance of your choice.

However, there are many reasons why we subconsciously choose our seat by the aisle or by the window when we fly.


If you prefer to sit by the window, you have a natural tendency towards being selfish.
British psychologist Becky Spelman confirms this observation: “Passengers who prefer to sit near the window tend to be domineering and think of themselves first rather than others, and they’re more likely to be grumpy”.
Some would say that the magnificent view you see from an airplane window is worth your ‘bad’ reputation. And on the flip side, if you choose the window, you’re also likely to be independent, have good self-control and probably love being left alone in peace. How can we blame you?


If you prefer to sit by the aisle, you have an extroverted personality and are a good communicator. Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings explains: “People who prefer to sit by the aisle are more social and lovable. But they’re also more anxious and less able to sleep while flying”.
That’s because choosing to sit by the aisle is our subconscious trying to make sure we can escape, go to the restroom whenever we want and see what’s happening inside the aeroplane more clearly.

Wherever you prefer to sit, make sure you fasten your seatbelt, put up the tray table during take-off and landing and do not block the way with bags and rucksacks (which must always be placed inside the overhead compartments)!