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Your life has changed since you’ve been wearing contact lenses.

No more dirty, clouded or scratched glasses. No more arms to straighten or tiny screws to find.

According to Statista, a market and consumer data platform, around 6% of Italians and Germans wear contact lenses. In some countries like Sweden, it’s as high as 30% of the population. 

And since these percentages include our passengers too, we’ve decided to put together some useful tips for wearing contact lenses when flying!

5 tips for wearing contact lenses when flying

  1. The number of hours makes a difference. Depending on how long your flight is, consider whether it’s better to fly wearing contact lenses or to opt for glasses. The air on board aeroplanes is very dry (find out more about air-conditioning on aeroplanes) and your eyes might not get the correct hydration if you’re flying for longer than 2 hours.
  2. Rewetting drops. Ask your trusty optician or pharmacist to help you choose which drops best suit your needs and the type of lenses you’re wearing. Before boarding and during the flight, you can use drops to keep your eyes fresh and hydrated. But remember: the liquids you carry in your hand luggage must not exceed 100 ml and must be kept in a transparent plastic bag which can be easily inspected during airport security checks.
  3. Drink a lot. Hydration is important, as they often say. But do we really know just HOW important it is? Especially on an aeroplane, you should drink a lot of water. Your entire body will benefit from it, and your eyes in particular will thank you. On board our aeroplanes you have access to water and snacks, soft drinks and hot beverages. Use them well!
  4. Naps. Around 30% of contact lens wearers say they usually sleep with them in, putting themselves at risk of inflammation and infections. If you’re someone who falls asleep as soon as the aeroplane takes off, take out your contact lenses before boarding, especially if they’re not made of silicone hydrogel. When you sleep, your eyes deserve to rest too. Besides, when you’re sleeping, you don’t need to be able to see the wonderful landscapes that can be enjoyed from our windows!
  5. Daily lenses. There are various different types of contact lenses: soft, hard, disposable and extended wear. If you wear daily disposable contact lenses, you can easily wear them while flying, then pop in a new pair when you reach your destination.

Now… is everything clearer? 😉