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What can you do while flying?
As you probably already know, you can read a book or magazine, or take a nap if you’re one of those people who can sleep on cue.

Today, though, we’d like to recommend some great podcasts you can listen to, maybe while giving your eyes a rest from laptop and tablet screens as those last few minutes tick by before you reach your destination.

As you know, our blog is available in three languages (English, Italian and German – to change the language, just click on the item at the top right of the menu). We’ve therefore decided to provide you with diverse, fascinating content for each language. Check them all out if you can!

Morgana (in Italian). Who are Morganas? As the trailer says, they are women who are ‘outside the box, maverick, weird, dangerous, over-the-top, b***hes, all different in their own way and difficult to place’. From Cher to Shirley Temple, passing through the Brontë sisters and St. Catherine of Siena, a series of engaging biographical accounts curated by Michela Murgia and Chiara Tagliaferri.

Stuff you should know (in English). A funny and light series created by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. It dispels a lot of myths and talks about a range of curiosities. Why doesn’t the Venus de Milo have any arms? How did the Wright brothers pilot the first aeroplane in history without being professionals?

Hotel Matze (in German). Matze Hielscher, co-founder of the digital magazine Mit Vergnügen, meets artists, businesspeople and other people linked by the common denominator of innovation. A series that informally and confidently talks about good ideas and how to turn them into business.

TED Talks Daily (in English, in various languages). Pure epiphany. A new topic related to current issues, politics, culture, society, technology, science, innovation, travel, food, sport and more every day of the week… An entire article wouldn’t be enough to list all the contemporary fields of knowledge that can be found in the most famous conferences on the web.