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If you believe in fairytales, you simply have to visit Munich. And if you don’t believe in them, come see with your own eyes!

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A few years ago, we invited one of them to visit Munich for the first time. When he returned from his trip, he sent us this message:

Munich seems like a fairytale, complete with legends about a dragon, the devil and a princess. There’s so much to share with you!

Many reasons to visit Munich

We’ve already talked about numerous different aspects of our beloved “MUC”

There are many reasons to visit Munich and one of them is its fascinating history, which is full of myths and legends. Are you familiar with them?

History and legends of Munich. The dragon, the devil and the princess.

Located in Southern Germany, Munich is a city that has seen the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms over the centuries. A source of inspiration for artists and intellectuals, it continues to enrapture visitors to this day with its fascinating architecture and vibrant culture.

The history of Munich dates back over 800 years to when Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony founded the city in 1158. Since then, it has remained the capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria and an important cultural and economic centre in central Europe. After spending just 15 minutes in the city, Munich will remain forever imprinted in your mind for its majestic architecture and fairy-tale atmosphere – a mix of history and legends that lend additional charm to its undeniable beauty.

  1. Watch out for the dragon! In Marienplatz in the heart of Munich, a fearsome sculpture of a dragon looms above the corner of the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus). Known as Dragon Corner (Wurmeck), the sculpture celebrates the victory of the citizens of Munich against the plague, which was believed to have been spread by a winged serpent (a metaphor for famine and starvation, which were the real cause of the plague in the Middle Ages). The name Wurmeck may have come from the Schönecker family who owned the original building and had a crest featuring a creature resembling a serpent called a Lindwurm in German.
  2. The devil’s footprint. Frauenkirche. According to legend, in 1468 the architect Jörg von Halspach made a pact with the devil to build a magnificent cathedral: the devil would provide the money on the condition that the building would be a celebration of darkness. When the work was completed, von Halspach showed it to the devil. It seemed as if there were indeed no windows and he was satisfied. But when he took a step forward and changed perspective, he saw the windows appear between the pillars and stamped his foot in fury, leaving a black mark forever. The footprint is still there, instagrammed by tourists on a daily basis. However, something doesn’t quite add up about the legend. Why didn’t the devil notice the large window at the back of the cathedral? And why is the footprint emblazoned on a tile that doesn’t match the rest of the flooring? Most importantly, that still leaves the question: If it wasn’t made by the devil, then whose footprint is it?
  3. The princess. Princess Sissi is a legendary figure who inspired books, movies and even musicals. Born in Bavaria in1837, Elisabetta Amalia Eugenia von Wittelsbach was a rebellious and independent young princess who did not conform to the strict protocols of the Austrian Imperial Court. Sissi was a free spirit, passionate about horse riding, travelling and poetry – interests that often brought her into conflict with court etiquette. The princess left an indelible mark on the history of Munich and today you can still visit the places where she used to go to. One of the most famous places is Possenhofen Castle, on the shores of lake Starnberg, about 45 minutes from the city centre.

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