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The current buzzword is upcycling.
Have you ever heard of designer furniture obtained from things or parts of things which used to be something else? Reusing means using an object again for the same purpose for which it was made, whilst upcycling adds a creative element to reusing something. Objects are reinvented for a new purpose, giving them artistic value. Dining tables made with old front doors, Lambretta bar counters or the famous ‘60s Cadillac couch, for those who like kitsch.

Reuse is one of the simplest ways to avoid unnecessary waste and reduce pollution, which is the philosophy behind the Lufthansa upcycling project.

The Lufthansa A320-211 D-AIPF Upcycling Collection was born out of decommissioning old aircrafts, such as the legendary Airbus A320, Papa Foxtrot, which flew for around 31 years, totalling 72,375 flight hours and 57,009 flights as a medium- and short-haul standard aeroplane.

Today, its parts have been transformed into contemporary living room furniture, including indoor lamps, multifunctional furniture and wall clocks. Meanwhile, old items such as fast boarding signs at the gate, airport barrier tapes and aeroplane safety cards have become sustainable furniture and sophisticated accessories in the old Lufthansa design.

Each piece in the collection is limited edition. One of the pieces most coveted by collectors is definitely the Wall Bar. Looking for a sustainable way to keep everything in order? Look no further than Lufthansa’s upcycling boxes adorned with fuselage parts. They fit well on various types of shelves and catch the eye in a really special way.

The Lufthansa Upcycling Collection is also suited to those who have a limited budget. You can even buy small gadgets such as key rings made with original slivers of fuselage or iPhone cases made from headrest covers.