Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward.
Leonardo Da Vinci

Photo credits by Sara Hobbs | Escapism | chromogenic print | 48" x 60"
  • Wright_Brothers


    Let’s travel back in time. Before aeroplanes, before fast and safe travel, before the world was at our fingertips, flying was a privilege reserved only for birds. For centuries, the curious were discouraged by Greek mythology, with the dramatic story of Icarus, a brave man who dared to build a pair of wings made of […]

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  • Casablanca_airdolomiti


    Here’s a myth buster for you: the line “Play it again, Sam” NEVER features in the film “Casablanca”. Never. How is it that one of the most famous lines in Hollywood history, wrongly attributed to Humphrey Bogart, was never actually said? The real line, “Play it, Sam. Play As time goes by”, is known to […]

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  • blogger_airdolomiti


    Leaving, taking pictures, writing, sharing. Coming back, taking pictures, writing, sharing. Leaving again, taking pictures, writing, sharing again. A blogger’s life is always on the move. Once upon time there were journalists, writers, pundits, trendsetters and testimonials. Today there’s just one 2.0 profession that sums them all up: the influencer. Their job consists of telling […]

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  • bagaglio_a_mano_airdolomiti_blog


    After an intense week of meetings, emails, phone calls, being stuck in traffic in the car or bustled onto crowded public transport and a few hours at the gym to stretch it all out, the weekend is finally here. What better time to give yourself a few days’ holiday? A city break to discover architecture, […]

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  • Roger_Romeo_airdolomiti


    You too may sometimes use a bit of ACP 125, perhaps even without knowing it. That time you absentmindedly said “Roger” the day after you watched an aviation movie on TV… “Roger” is an instruction from the English ACP 125 radiotelephone procedures, which means “Received Order Given, Expect Results”. The Italian equivalent is “Received”, which […]

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