Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward.
Leonardo Da Vinci

Photo credits by Sara Hobbs | Escapism | chromogenic print | 48" x 60"
  • Roger_Romeo_airdolomiti


    You too may sometimes use a bit of ACP 125, perhaps even without knowing it. That time you absentmindedly said “Roger” the day after you watched an aviation movie on TV… “Roger” is an instruction from the English ACP 125 radiotelephone procedures, which means “Received Order Given, Expect Results”. The Italian equivalent is “Received”, which […]

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  • AIRDOLOMITI_letture in vacanza


    Last day at the office. TO DO: Set-up an auto reply for your work e-mails. ✓ Check your garden sprinkler system. ✓ Empty the fridge: chicks won’t hatch out of eggs in a month, but the eggs will become nuclear weapons! ✓ Pack your bag. ✓ Turn off the gas. ✓ Go to the bookshop. […]

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  • i-adjnNose_Tubo di Pitot


    Once again, in this section dedicated to fans of physics, engineering, technology, nuts and bolts, we’re looking at a fundamental component of aeronautics: the pitot tube. The pitot “tube” or “probe” is a fundamental tool for flight data measurement on board an aircraft. Technically, it’s used to measure fluid flow speed and it was invented […]

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  • AirDolomiti_blog_music


    Writers and poets have always considered flying to be a mysterious and fascinating concept, but music may well be its most successful field. Let’s set aside for a moment Sinatra’s “Fly me to the Moon”, all of those songs about “your mind flying away”, “taking flight”, “soaring up in the air”, concepts dear to Italian […]

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  • AirDolomiti_food


    It’s time to debunk a common myth: food on aeroplanes isn’t necessarily bad. Ok, it’s not the same for all airlines in the world, but we’re talking about the ones that get it right, with passion and professionalism, taking into account the wellbeing of their customers, even those with the most discerning taste buds. 😉 […]

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