After an intense week of meetings, emails, phone calls, being stuck in traffic in the car or bustled onto crowded public transport and a few hours at the gym to stretch it all out, the weekend is finally here.

What better time to give yourself a few days’ holiday? A city break to discover architecture, museums and events, a trip to the seaside to regenerate yourself with a bit of sun, sea and sand or to the mountain to enjoy the view and go hiking. But you only have 72 hours…

This time, you’re only going to need hand luggage.

Taking hand luggage does mean some sacrifices, but with a bit of planning it could be easier than you think. Here are some practical tips for everyone:


  • Rolling: if you roll skirts, t-shirts and jumpers, you can pack down the sides of your case without adding further volume, making it easier to close. Seeing is believing!
  • Samples: you’re allowed to carry no more than 100ml per liquid product, with a total of one litre per passenger. Moisturiser, shampoo, toner, perfume and cleanser are all essentials, but you don’t need much for a weekend. So…Why don’t you use some of the millions of free samples gathering dust in your drawer?
  • Multifunction clothes: a shawl can become a sarong, a light scarf can be used as a belt, ankle boots with a comfortable heel can be matched with your favourite jeans or an elegant gown in order to give a touch of class without taking your entire shoe rack…


  • Linen: an elegant and at the same time sport-friendly fabric, linen is the ideal solution for a summer weekend. With a pair of linen trousers or Bermuda shorts, a linen shirt or jacket, you’re ready for any occasion. Creases due to not having much room in your luggage? No worries. “Distressed” linen could be even more intriguing.
  • Shopping when you’re there: you can always buy a razor, shaving cream, aftershave and toothpaste when you’re there or, if you’re lucky, you might find there are some ready to use in your hotel room.
  • In your shoes: you can make more room by using the empty space inside your shoes. For example, by placing socks inside plastic bags and putting them in your trainers or putting your sunglasses in their box inside your loafers.

For everybody.

  • Watch your weight: the best way to save time and money is to weigh your luggage before you leave, making sure you’re not exceeding your luggage allowance (which differs from company to company).
  • The secret: all you have to do is wear your bulkiest garment on departure to make room for a fancy suit or dress, or a spare shirt. 😉

Have a great weekend!