The more attentive readers of wellness and beauty magazines will know that the human body is mainly made of water. Research conducted by Gerard Pollack, Bioengineering professor at the University of Washington, shows that 99% of the human body is water.

That’s why the golden rule for looking after yourself when flying is: drink plenty of water.

Keeping your skin and internal organs well hydrated is essential to maintaining a healthy and relaxed look during all kinds of travel, especially when air conditioning alters the natural humidity of the air around you.

Here are the cosmetics you should always have with you in your hand luggage:

  • MOISTURISER. Make sure you choose one that is well suited to your skin. When flying, we’d advise a good moisturiser without too many fats and oils, to enable your skin to perspire naturally.
  • THERMAL WATER SPRAY. A cure-all for your face, it’s refreshing and good at keeping your skin toned and your complexion rosy.
  • EYE DROPS. Just like skin, eyes can also suffer dryness during flights and at airports, due to the air conditioning. Choose good eye drops or artificial tears at your pharmacy, especially if your wear contact lenses.
  • LIP BALM. Lips are very sensitive when it comes to moisture. Protect them by choosing a good, soothing lip balm made of argan oil, aloe vera, beeswax or shea butter.

A word of warning, though: since 31st January 2014, liquids carried in hand luggage must not exceed 100 ml per container and a total of 1 litre per passenger. These containers must be placed in a clear plastic bag, sealed and available for inspection on request.

Have a good trip!