Leaving, taking pictures, writing, sharing. Coming back, taking pictures, writing, sharing. Leaving again, taking pictures, writing, sharing again. A blogger’s life is always on the move.

Once upon time there were journalists, writers, pundits, trendsetters and testimonials. Today there’s just one 2.0 profession that sums them all up: the influencer.

Their job consists of telling people eager to follow the latest trends all about what clothes to wear, what food to eat, “top” holiday destinations, the latest cosmetics on the market, the most innovative technology and so on and so forth. There are men, women, children and even cats and dogs who have become influencers with millions of followers.

These next-generation businessmen and women live frenetic lives at an extraordinary speed. Some of the biggest web and social network celebrities are so in demand that they barely have time to rest, unless they’re on a plane or at the airport.

What insider tips do these special travellers have to offer?

  • Always fully charged. People who constantly deal with posts, profiles, captions, hashtags and comments needs to keep their device batteries charged and efficient. Chargers, power banks and spare cables are essential. The only issue: contact your airline before you fly to make sure you’re aware of any restrictions on lithium batteries, avoiding any setbacks…
  • Melatonin. The greatest sleep regulator, it allows you to face the journey and changing time zones without straining your body or altering your sleep schedule. Essential to seem fresh and rested in your first selfie on arrival!
  • Light meals. It’s never a good idea to stuff yourself when travelling. It’s important to control your food intake by choosing light and healthy meals, especially if you’re a frequent flyer. You can request special meals when travelling in Business Class; a healthy and tasty solution.
  • Lounge. Comfortable, functional and always covered by Wi-Fi, airport lounges are well-equipped offices, providing all the necessary comforts and services for those who make a career out of travelling.